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**Current turn around is 3-4 weeks**

ALL of our flags are in our Etsy Shop where shipping is calculated by weight and size of package. This site does NOT acuratley calculate costs.




If you need a flag delivered on Ft. Sill let us know and we can send you an invoice minus shipping costs

Please make sure that you are aware of the time that it takes to make these. These are not made overnight. This flag takes a minimum of 10hrs to cut, then there is prepping the wood, staining and painting (which takes 2 days), text added if personalized (60-90 minutes on laser), then the polyurethane is added (this is a minimum 2-day process, depends on drying time) and then hardware is added. We sell on numerous sites. Orders are made in the order they are received. Just because you place your order on a Tuesday doesn't mean your order will begin to process on that day.

Large Rustic Army Rank Military Flag Military Retirement Gift Military Promotion

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